Revision: 2017 Final Count - $18,000+ for Freedom!

Good news!

Another donation was made to WMFBolivia today taking them to 100% of their goal of $7,200!

And HUG Project let me know they had some additional offline "Freecember-inspired" donations taking them over $10,000!!!

With over $1,000 raised for IJM UK & Australia, the revised total total for Freecember 2017 is over $18,000 for freedom!

High fives and jumping all over the place and high tens!!!

So amazing!

What a way to celebrate National Human Trafficking Awareness Day (in the USA), celebrating  awareness which has led people to take practical action that helps real people in tangible ways via these specific frontlines organizations.

I'm so grateful to get to share in this good news with you today.



(This original art by the Fikes for Freecember 2017 seems perfect!)

Freecember Fikes Art Balloons.jpg