The First Mile 2018 - In It With You


In It With You

Today’s the first day of Freecember 2018!

My son joined me in running the first mile of my Freecember 100 Mile Challenge.

So cool for me.

And such an encouragement to have someone doing it with me.

If you’re joining in, I’m in it with you ; )

We can all do something to help stop modern slavery and human trafficking.

We invite you to do something you can do.

Something small.

Something HUGE...

Like going for lifting 100 TONS! as @femorian and crew did in 2017. #ICYMI

Or #drawingforjustice like @ginnyrcoleman

Running 100 miles(!) like students with Just Love Durham at Durham University for IJM UK & City Hearts

You can even #floss4freedom with Hug Project

Or anything else you can dream up to do for Chab Dai or any other anti-trafficking nonprofit

So inspired!

Up for a challenge?

It can be whole month, one day or 5 days.

Any length of time really.

And any kind of challenge your up for.

If you are, let us know.

And know, we’re in it with you!

P.S. Seriously. In it with you. I’ll be here. I’m running 100 miles. All month long.

P.P.S. Thinking of joining in? Check out

P.P.P.S. Say hi or tag us @freecember #freecember