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“Beauty For Ashes is a non-profit fighting human trafficking in Morocco by providing a safe transition home for at-risk girls and awareness about the global problem of Human Trafficking. 

We are increasingly seeing the need for local Moroccans to join our team so we can all be more effective in bringing people to freedom and preventing people from slavery. 

So, $10,000 dollars will give us the opportunity to hire two positions for one year! 

Our goal is a local Program Coordinator at our Transition Home who will receive counseling training and important skills training for the home.  As well as an Advocacy Director for our Education and Awareness programs.”

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“More than 40 million people are exploited by human trafficking and other forms of modern slavery. The problem is widespread, pervasive, and demands our collective action.

Our vision is to work together with diverse stakeholders to abolish all forms of abuse and exploitation.

All of Chab Dai’s projects fall under five key program pillars: Coalition & Capacity Building, Prevention, Justice & Client Care, Advocacy and Research.

Chab Dai has been building partners and competency within the anti-trafficking movement since 2005. Founded in Cambodia, Chab Dai means “joining hands” in Khmer and is an organization committed to working with diverse stakeholders to abolish all forms of abuse and exploitation.”

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“The sexual exploitation of children is: Heinous. Hidden. And expanding globally. Unfortunately, travel, tourism, and technology have combined in recent years to facilitate the abuse of vulnerable children and youth worldwide.

THE HUG PROJECT THAILAND is seeking JUSTICE for those who harm children sexually, and HEALING for child survivors of sexual trauma. 

The HUG team has supported over 100 investigations through partnership with law enforcement such as TICAC (Thailand Internet Crimes Against Children).  In cooperation with social workers, counselors, and shelters, HUG has supported dozens of victims toward recovery, and helped open Thailand's first Child Advocacy Center.

The problem is complicated and overwhelming. Being a part of the solution is easy! 

$10 provides a stuffed bear (something to hold). $40 provides a professional counseling session (someone to listen). $425 provides legal assistance throughout the judicial process (someone to lean on). 

It's easy to donate, and to share this link on social media. YOU can help a young person to stand up, speak up, and fight for his/her future.”

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A group of students from Just Love Durham are running 100 miles (each!) this Freecember to raise funds for IJM UK and City Hearts.

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In 2017, WMFBolivia raised $7,200 to fund their lunch program for a year for the children of women involved in their program.

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In 2017, HUG Project, whose founder, Boom Mosby, won the U.S. State Department’s TIP Hero Award, raised $10,000 and was able to hire a local Thai speaking aftercare person.


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