Become the Difference.

Lead. Freedom.


Lead (or co-lead) a team

to take 1 DAY, 2 WEEK or ALL MONTH challenge.


raise even more funds for and awareness of

an anti-trafficking organization making a difference.

(like thousands of dollars, pounds, euros...)

Check out these team totals:

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Become the difference.

Empower others to raise freedom!


It can be hard for people to take a challenge solo,

so your invitation, encouragement, support and/or coordination

can help your team raise more freedom together than any of you could on your own.



(and your co-leader, if you have one,)


  • the organization you're raising for

  • the team fundraising goal

  • the dates/duration

  • in person or virtual

  • the type of challenge



  1. invite people to join you,

  2. organize and encourage,

  3. support and inspire...

  4. Raise funds together. Raise freedom together.



Lead a freecember challenge. Raise even more freedom!


1 Day

Just like it says.

Pick a day. Choose a challenge. Invite people to join in with you as you raise funds for freedom!

This one is great for gathering a whole group of people in person on a specific day and getting together to do something like a dance-a-thon, yogathon, a meet-up 5k or hosting a Freecember party...

2 week (Fortnight)

aka The Freecember Fortnight

Can't do a whole month? The Freecember Fortnight is like the half-marathon of Freecember challenges. (you don't have to make it a running challenge, tho)

This one can be a fit for you if you have things like exams at the beginning of the month or travel and holiday is going to be craaazy toward the end of Freecember. Or you want to do it as a group, but the group won't be together all month.

Pick the two weeks that fit for your schedule. Take on a two week challenge. Raise funds and freedom.

(You might call it your #FreedomFortnight.)

whole month

The whole enchilada.

What could you do in 31 days?


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Lead A Team. lead Freedom.