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People anywhere raising funds for anti-trafficking everywhere.

Give. Freedom. - Raise. Freedom. - Lead. Freedom.


Welcome to Freecember, Freedom Raiser!

That's you!

if you're giving, raising, leading, volunteering, working, 

really, taking any kind of action

to stop modern slavery / human trafficking

During Freecember, we're focussed on taking challenges and raising funds for frontlines (often grassroots) anti-trafficking organizations.

We're glad you're here!


Why Freecember?

As you may know, millions of people are trafficked and trapped in slavery… but what can we do about it?

Freecember’s goal is to turn the tide on trafficking by helping people fund frontlines organizations giving hope and making progress in helping real people avoid, exit and be restored following modern slavery.

Millions of individuals are trafficked and trapped.

Together, we can turn the tide.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

This Freecember, raise freedom!

What Is Freecember?

Freecember begins with an invitation. An invitation to take a challenge and raise awareness of and $/£/€ for a (grassroots) anti-trafficking organization you care about.

Freecember exists to empower everyday people to raise funds for the frontline anti-trafficking organizations they believe in and, in that way, make a specific difference in helping people live in freedom, with dignity & delight.

Stopping slavery takes long term commitment. Like many things, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. During Freecember people take on a personal (or team) challenge, ask questions, start conversations and are a part of a rising tide of people individually and together taking Widespread Informed Sustained Everyday actions to stop specific slavery.

Join in with a community committed to raising freedom!



How does Freecember work?

You can



from anywhere

for anti-trafficking organizations everywhere



1 DAY, 2 WEEK or All MONTH




Give the gift of freedom! You can give via someone's Freecember Challenge or give to a featured organization based on your country or aspect you care about most.

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RAISE. Freedom.

Ready to raise freedom? Take a challenge, solo or with a team, and raise funds for an anti-trafficking organzation you believe in.

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LEAD. Freedom.

Gather a team. Lead or co-lead a team to raise more together than you could alone. Set team goals. Spur one another on. Help others take on a challenge and raise even more freedom together.

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P.S. Freecember touches 0% of money raised. zip. zero. zilch. nada. naught. not a dime. not even a single penny.

It's totally pro bono. So it's all good : )

Our vision is fully funded frontlines anti-trafficking organizations. So we help you raise money for them. For free. Freedom. Raised!

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Freedom. Raised!