Final Count (Freecember 2017 Wrap Up)

Dear Freedom Raisers,

It was quite a New Year's Eve (and then some!) to finish up Freecember.

All together, we raised over $15,000 for freedom, specifically funding three organizations on the front lines of freedom.

Honestly, it's almost painful how close HUG Project and WMFBolivia got to reaching their milestones. HUG Project just $179 from $7,500 and fully funding a whole new Thai staff person & WMFBolivia only $175 from the $7,200 goal for the lunch program for a year.

Both HUG & WMFB achieving 97.5%! & raising over $7,000 each : ) Woo hoo! 

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for joining in Freecember this year. 

We wouldn't have been able to do all we did together for HUG Project, WMFBolivia and IJM without YOU!

Here's a little video from me I posted on my personal social media. 

It's for you, too.

Freecember 2017

Insert yourself here^

May you know peace, joy and freedom in 2018


(Some more original Fikes boys art for your enjoyment and celebration!)

Freecember 2017 Fikes Art Breaking Chain.jpg
Freecember 2017 Fikes Art Horse.jpg