Quickpost: How to Start Getting Ready to Run 100 Miles in a Month (T-77 days to Freecember 2017)

I ran a mile the other day.

I looked back at when I last ran that far. It had been a long time. Months and months.

So I started by trying to run a mile.  I made it!

But that's not the point.

The point is: I started.

My pace? 9:33/mi.

Also, not the point. 

To run 100 miles later, I needed to start.

I started with a mile.

You could start by walking a 1/4 mile. 

I've heard Couch to 5k has been really helpful for some people.

(fyi: 100 miles in a month is roughly 5k/day! That doesn't mean a Freecember challenge isn't for you. Maybe your Freecember challenge is to walk a mile a day or to run 100k or to do yoga 10x or a yogathon or complete Couch to 5k)

I've had some trouble with my IT band in the past. So I've also started with one set each of: side leg lifts, no-weights squats and planks.

I kind of have a little to no idea what I'm doing, but someone suggested I incorporate yoga, and I've heard some about HIIT.

And I might try out Aaptiv and see how that goes. 

BTW, Freecember Team Captain registration opens October 1st!

That'll be T - 60 days to Freecember.

Plenty of time to get ready for your Freecember Challenge : )