'Why I Run' - A Freecember Poem

As I biked in the cold drizzle, I thought about the reason why I'm running/walking/biking #100miles this Freecember: she's 6 years old, lives in South-East Asia and survived slavery. I haven't met her and don't know her name, but there are caring people from #IJM walking with her who have and do. Here's the poem:

I would not do this just for me Biking here so effortly I would not would not in the rain Out in this chill grey dark and pain But, today, I'm here by choice Persisting for one child's voice Today, I ride for one small girl Believing she can change the world

As I thought the final lines, I wept.

Day 4 of the first Freecember 100 Mile Challenge to raise action to stop slavery