Best. 10 cents. Ever. (Week 1 Wrap Up & A Sweet Story)

Our Freedom Raisers have raised over $5,000 so far!

Here's what a few of our Freedom Raisers are up to!

Allison had an article published about Freecember. She’s also carrying the Aussie Freecember baton this year, running 100km in Australia and raising $104.77 so far with a goal of $1,000 for IJM Australia. You can read her article on page 11 here.

Curtis has joined in as well, officially repping the UK, going for 100 Miles for IJM UK and raising £298 so far. Way to go, Curtis!

Helen, who moved “from the US to Thailand last year to volunteer full-time with an anti-child trafficking organization (HUG Project),” explained, “I have been surprised by many things including: 1.) How prevalent child sexual abuse and exploitation are - especially online. 2.) How many Thai people are working earnestly for change within their own country. 3.) How many victim services are provided with precious few resources.” has raised $1,200.

Evan, even though this is his self-described “first time at this,” has raised $950 for WMFBolivia so far! Woo hoo!

Kyle (@femorian) and crew are weight lifting 100 tons (!) in Jasper, GA

The best pledge so far, IMO, though, comes from Ohio, where Becky wrote:

You're right, you never know!
I've had several per day type pledges, so I'm trying to keep track of that amount. I think our crowdrise site will look really low for a while, but right around and after Christmas it should spike up.
Speaking of talking to friends over coffee, my 6 year old who is doing the read as much as you can for this month, was telling her friend at an event about what she was doing. Her friend decided to donate 10 cents for every book she reads :) And now her friend is going to read and see if she can get pledges too! Pretty sweet.


Best. 10 cents. Ever.

Reading about her 6 year old and her friend, I seriously put my arms up like I finished a race or just won something!

I'm pretty sure those 10 cents per book are going to be my favorite money raised this Freecember!

(Becky (and her 6 year-old daughter!)’s giving page is here.)

And it shows me, no matter who we are, we can all do something to help stop slavery.

Way to go, Freedom Raisers!

Thanks for joining in to fund the frontlines of freedom!

I'm here to help if I can : )



P.S. I'm even willing to try things like going Live on Facebook. Never done that before, and was a little shocked when fb showed someone actually watching! And a little heart floated up while I was sharing. ha! (You can see my two rookie attempts at fb live at This one's a poem.