Original Artwork (Week 3 Wrap Up)

We've crossed $9,000!

Evan & Helen have hit $1,000+.

& The Fikes Boys are the first to hit the $2,000 mark with their art of Freedom and Joy. That's just awesome! 

  • HUG Project - $5,721    (Only $1,779 until TeamHUG teams hit halfway to the HUG goal and fully fund one Thai staff person)
  • WMFBolivia - $3,265     (With seven teams raising, I can't wait to see the WMFB total rise in the final week!)
  • IJM UK & Aus - £478 & $167    (Go UK & Oz, Freedom Raisers!)

Actually, everybody together,

we've almost raised $10K for freedom so far... $9,754

Personally, I'm out there every day (pain or shine). Running. Reflecting. Thankful for you. 

I crossed 100km this week on my way to 100 miles & working on hitting at least $1,000+, too.

Thanks for all you doing and raising for the people of WMFBolivia, HUG Project and IJM who are on the frontlines of freedom. 

Here are a few Fikes original works of art for your enjoyment & inspiration (more & their videos here):