Bright Spots


Bright Spot

I'm a big fan of Chip & Dan Heath's books. This shot reminded me of something from Switch: How to Change When Change is Hard:

Look for the bright spots.

Times, places, situations where things are going well.

Healthy kids in communities where many are malnourished is an example they give. Figure out what's working and learn from the bright spots.

Personal Bright Spot: I ran 5 k today. (I'll have to average 5k per day to hit 100 miles in Freecember!)

This bright spot's also a reminder to me that there's a lot of progress being made in anti-trafficking and a lot of great grassroots organisations helping people live in freedom with dignity & delight.

I'm talking this week with NGOs working in Bolivia, Wales, Philippines, Thailand and India about joining in Freecember this year. 

They're bright spots.

You are, too. ; )