"Keep Going!" - A Voice from the Other Side of the Fence (2/3rds Wrap Up)

There’s a fence on one section of a route I run.

Most days, I run by myself.  

The only voices I hear are my own thoughts and the music I listen to.

Some days, I can hear voices on the other side of the fence, but can’t make out what they’re saying.

Twice this past year as I ran by, an anonymous voice called from the other side of the fence:

“Keep going!”

I wasn’t expecting it.

Don’t know the guy.

Have no idea who he was.

It really was encouraging.

I kept going. : )

Now, even when there’s no one there, when there’s no voice calling out, “Keep going!”, I remember that voice when I run past that section of fence on my route.


So far, this Freecember,

  • We’ve crossed $10,000 raised together!

  • I’m almost, but not quite, at 100 km… (only another 64 km to go to get to 100 miles)!

Maybe you don’t, but 2/3rds in, you might feel discouraged, tired, wondering if you’re making a difference or if anyone’s noticing or if anyone cares…


I might not know exactly what you’re doing…

Or what you’re feeling…

You might not know me.

I might be on

  • the other side of the country…

  • the other side of the ocean…

  • the other side of the world…

From the other side of the fence, I’m calling out to you:

“Keep going!”