feat. Sudara Freedom Fund


Coming 2018

Raise $125, that’s a month of freedom for a woman or child.
Raise $1,500... that’s a whole year!

(Host kit with more specifics, donation link, half-sheet flyer/flyer template & shareable social posts coming soon!)


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Pause for peace.

Pose for peace.

Join in fundraising for peace &

freedom from sex trafficking for 10 women & 10 children


Are you a yoga stUDENT, STudio owner OR teacher?


Make peace & freedom

in your life & our world

a priority

in 2018


  • Who: yoga students, novices, studio owners & teachers
  • What: a weekend of yoga sessions or poses challenge
  • Where: in person or virtual
  • When: TBD
  • Why: for peace and freedom
    • yours (in a potentially hectic time of year!)
    • and up to 20 women & children escaping from & still trapped in sex trafficking


Also, look out for

a chance to win yoga clothing

from Sudara’s brand new yoga line


Freecember's #pose4peace Yogathon with Sudara

you can make a difference! ... with yoga : )


For example,

  • If you raise $125, that’s a month of freedom for a woman or child!
  • Raise $1,500 yourself or as a group and provide a year of freedom!


Opportunity. Choice. Freedom. Things we can take for granted.

For many women and girls in India, often those words might as well be in foreign language.

What's life like for them? Watch this short video to get a little bit of an idea.


2018 Featured Organization: Sudara Freedom Fund

  • For every $1,500 raised, a woman or child is provided a safe home and support for an entire year.
  • If (and when!) we reach the $20,000 threshold, a new home for 10 women will be funded.
  • If we reach, $35,000, the new home is funded, plus 10 women and 10 children will have safe places to live and caring support on a freedom pathway, gaining skills and opportunities for employment.


Could you and your community, together, raise $1,500 or more to help make freedom possible for one woman or child?


Opportunity. Choice. Freedom.

It's yours to give.


In 2018


Here's how to get involved:


  1. dedicate a session to Sudara Freedom Fund OR
  2. take a #pose4peace Poses Challenge


Studios / Teachers:

Host a session (or more) of Freecember’s #Pose4Peace Weekend Yogathon at your studio and/or on Facebook Live (or your preferred platform).

You can do a donation based class or charge the normal session rate and let people know you're giving it to Sudara Freedom Fund to help women and children live in freedom.

(Giving link and details coming soon in the host/studio kit...)

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  1. Join in online or in studio for one or more sessions
  2. Or take a poses challenge


  • Share on social media
  • Make donations yourself and/or raise funds by asking people to give or sponsor you.
  • Join in with a Freecember #pose4peace yogathon host or team leader, or lead a team or solo fundraiser yourself.

Save the Dates!

get priority

  • notification of a chance to win yoga clothing

connect with others who care:

Post Photos, Poses OR Share Your Sessions

During the weekend post using the hashtags: #freecember #sudaragoods #pose4peace to let people know you’re pausing and posing for peace and inviting them to join in and to make donations to give opportunity, choice and freedom to a woman or child for 2018.


Join in Freecember’s

#pose4peace yogathon

featuring Sudara

>> Coming 2018 <<



peace & freedom

a priority

in your life & our world!


This #freecember #pose4peace




Imagine you have a key.

Imagine you're face to face with a young woman.

A woman not so different from you.

A woman a lot like one you care about.

At first she looks down and away.

Shoulders slumped.

You take her hand and gently raise it, guiding it so her palm is up and open.

She looks at her empty hand. She looks at you.

You show her the key and place it gently in her hand. She's never had one like this before.

She looks at it. Unsure.

She looks back at you. You're unsure, too.

Will she accept it?

It's her choice.

She motions to give it back to you.

Does she think it's too much? That she doesn't deserve it? That it's too good to be true? That she's not sure what to do with it?

You gently close her fingers around the key.

You don't speak her language, but no words are needed.

"This is your key now," you say with your eyes, your being. "You can choose. It's your choice. It's freedom."

She tightens her grip on the key.

Her shoulders straighten.

She raises her head and looks you straight in the eyes.

There's a gleam in hers.

You notice the slightest grin growing at the corners of her mouth.

She glances up the road.

Then back at you.

"Namaste," she whispers to you as she strides into a new future.

"Namaste," you reply in a way you've never said it before, "Namaste."



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