Dear Team Leader,

We are so excited and thankful for you!

This is a QUICK STEP BY STEP GUIDE to setting up a Freecember Team on Crowdrise.

Your team will combine with other teams to build toward your anti-trafficking charity's total 2017 goal.


Step A) Write down 2 to 12 people you can personally invite to join your team in taking a Freecember Challenge to raise money for the anti-trafficking organization you believe in.

(an individual personal invitation tends to be most effective. you can also make a general invitation via social.)


Step B) Decide on your initial team fundraising goal. We suggest something in the $1,000 - $2,500 range per team. (You can change this later based on your team's input.)


Step C) Set up your team on Crowdrise (the online giving platform, similar to gofundme, some organizations are using for Freecember this year.)


Here's YOUR

>> step by step guide <<

to setting up your fundraising Team on Crowdrise:




(Or go to and click on the grey “Set Up Your Fundraiser” button, then “Start Your Own Fundraiser” - We find this language a bit confusing, but this is the language they use.)



Sign Up to Crowdrise with your Facebook account or with an email address

Freecember Set Up Team Crowdrise 2.png

STEP 3) Enter your team name

(If you include TeamHUG or WMFBolivia, for example, we can easily find and add up the totals from each team to track your team of teams' progress toward the total organization goal, such as $15,000.)


STEP 4) Enter your team’s initial fundraising goal. $$$$

>> NOTE: Don't worry about writing a description at this point. You can add it later. <<


Copy & Paste this and make it your own later if you want to.


Example description for WMFBolivia.

Feed a child. Starve slavery.

This Freecember, my team and I are ______ (activity) to raise ______ (amount) for WMFBolivia.

WMFBolivia empowers children and adolescents to break cycles of violence in their own lives.

Practically, by providing a holistic program, three days a week, for children affected by prostitution, ages 2-15. 

WMFBolivia is fighting trafficking on the front-lines, directly targeting victims of sexual exploitation in the brothels of El Alto, Bolivia and offering opportunities for transformation in their lives and a different future for their children.

By giving $120, $60, $40 or $12 now, you can help feed a child and provide a pathway to a freedom filled future!

Example description for HUG Project.

Fund two new Thai staff. Provide a year of specialized care for traumatized children.

This Freecember, my team and I are _______ (activity) to raise ______ (amount) for HUG Project.

HUG works to prevent, protect, and restore child victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking.

Right now, their greatest need is funding for Thai staff to work directly with these children as social workers, case managers, and counselors.  

This funding is key to providing sustainable care for these traumatized children - to help them move toward healing and hope for the future. 

Give to HUG. Give healing and hope to a child.

Freecember Set Up Team Crowdrise 3.png


Enter & Select the name or number of the charity you're raising for.

TeamHUG teams search “Cord Ministries International” OR 45-3813499 (this the overarching charity name and number for HUG Project.) It’s the one with an AZ address.

WMFBolivia teams search 58-1967768. It will come up with a Portland, OR address.

Freecember Set Up Team Crowdrise 3b.png

Step 6) Your Team will be Live! Click on View Dashboard

Freecember Set Up Team Crowdrise 4.png


Add a picture and description

Like why you’re doing the challenge, what challenge(s) you (and others on your team) are doing, etc.

Note: You can copy and paste from the "Step 4" above and edit to make it your own. ^^



Invite others to join your team.

NOTE: This works best with a personal message, email, phone call, in person conversation.... That way, they can ask questions, you can listen, clarify, talk about why you care about doing this, etc…

a) Click “Team” on the left hand list.

Freecember Set Up Team Crowdrise 5.png

b) Then click “Invite." It will give you a unique link to copy and paste & send to people to join your team.

Freecember Set Up Team Crowdrise 6.png

c) Copy and paste the link & send to people to join your team.

Freecember Set Up Team Crowdrise 7.png

>> NOTE: The link you get is to invite people to JOIN YOUR TEAM as co-fundraisers. There's a different link and social sharing options for inviting people to Give. <<

That’s it!

Your team is set up on Crowdrise and soon people will be joining your team, which is joining other teams, and other teams of teams to raise tens of thousands of dollars to make a HUGE difference in women and children’s lives who are at risk of/affected by human trafficking.


Step D)

Prepare for your Freecember Challenge.

Start sharing what your planning.

Start inviting people to join with you.

Get ready to make a BIG Difference, together!


If you have any questions or want to connect, email us at


Last StepS (optional)

A) Connect with us (Real people) on social

  • Instagram - @freecember
  • Facebook - 
  • Snapchat - We have Snapchat, but, tbh, no clue how to use it (which may reveal a little about our age/demographic). If you care about helping people live in freedom from modern slavery / human trafficking and live and breath in snap. Send us old folks an email, or get your mom to email or facebook message us or something. Maybe you can... idk...


B) Connect with others - join the closed facebook group “Freecember Challenge Community

to connect with and support one another. It’s here:

Then, click/tap "+ Join Group" to knock the secret knock


Coming soon! Team Member Step By Step Guide to share with people who join your team : )


High five!

We're so thankful for you and what you're doing to make a difference in people's lives and to invite and empower other people to join you!