The Freecember 5k

It’s Virtual

(and sometimes in person)

Freedom Raiser,

Are you up for going 5k for freedom this Freecember?

It can be a run, hike, trek, walk or stroll.

By yourself or with someone (or more!).

What kind of Freecember 5k would you gonna go for?

It could be:

  • a #frosty5k

  • a #fiery5k (shout out to everyone in the Southern hemisphere!)

  • a #feisty5k

  • a #fancy5k

  • a #freaky5k

  • a #funny5k

  • a #fast5k

  • a #family5k (family walks and fun runs are totally legit)

  • a #fun5k

  • a fill-in-the-blank 5k

Whatever kind of #freecember5k you do…

you can be sure

it’ll be a #freedom5k

Stay safe. Have fun. Raise freedom. #freecember

(And tag us on social @freecember. We’d love to see what you’re up to, Freedom Raiser!)